Happy Easter 2020

Dear Friends

What a year we’ve had so far?  Who would ever have thought as we came into this year, 2020, that it would be turning out the way it has so far.

So many people were looking forward to 2020 as a dawn of a new decade, a clean slate,  a chance to perhaps spend some introspective time looking at our lives (20/20 vision) and where we were headed.  I for one was one of those, determined to focus on where I was, what I wanted to achieve, and how to get there.  Bring on 2020 was my mantra!

Summer came with continued drought, and smoke and haze thickened our air and darkened our normally clear blue skies. We all knew of someone who had lost a home or had been evacuated.  Most of us were forced to stay indoors. Then the rains washed it all away and we could rejoice as the gardens finally sprang to life.

Then, before we knew it, we were all blindsided by COVID19,  a very real threat to our normal way of life.  Summer was already basically a write-off and now autumn looked to be the same.  And mostly, still stuck at home (not smoke or dust this time, but an unseen threat).

And so it seems that I am getting my wish for being able to spend time being introspective and getting some 20/20 vision on where I am going.  Lord knows, I rarely get quiet time.

At the office, we have had very few patients, as we elected to stay open to help with emergency dentistry.  The team have stayed very positive and we keep each other going.  Working one room each, we have been playing the music a little louder than usual and those that don’t like our current choice in music wear headphones for their own music or noise blocking headphones to work on their own work projects.  There has been a wonderful camaraderie and a lot of the usual day-to-day stress is not there. 

The whole situation is somehow surreal.

But I digress.  Tomorrow is Easter – a traditional time of hope and rebirth.  This is what I know:

  1. it is what it is;
  2. there will always be a tomorrow;
  3. what will be will be, and;
  4. time is precious!

I am spending 2020 doing what I was hoping to do, just not as I had planned.  The Serenity Prayer keeps coming to mind, and I find that it is somehow quite comforting.  I am also comforted in the knowledge that we are all going through this experience together.  And together we will get through this – we always do. 🙂

Keep smiling and keep faith that this too will pass.

Kindest regards


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