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Implant used to treat tooth loss following bone inflammation

This patient in her later forties, had resorption of the root of her upper right front tooth. This can happen after trauma. In this case, it was a prematurely aged tooth, due to its being badly damaged in an accident, then rebuilt with a root canal treatment, followed by a large post reinforcement and metal/porcelain crown. This can happen to a small percentage of heavily damaged teeth and is a form of bone inflammation around a tooth root.

This poor tooth was removed and a titanium dental implant was immediately placed.

After about 6 months, after the bone had healed around the implant, a porcelain/zirconia crown was placed upon the top of the implant. The final result is a very pleasing, natural looking tooth and a very good match to her original tooth.

An outstanding result, achieved in a clinically and technologically challenging case. Our thanks to Mr Grant Davis at Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics Laboratory, here in Penrith. Our wonderful patient is very pleased with the outcome and colour/shape of her tooth. She is happy to be smiling, confident and in one piece again thanks to Dr John Wells.


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