December 2017 Smile of the Month – One very happy young woman!

Our December smile of the month is for a young woman who had heavily filled, crooked teeth which were also discoloured from antibiotic medication whilst growing up.

Following 3 years of orthodontic treatment using Invisalign’s clear, removable plates, it then took another 4 weeks to rebuild the smile, recolouring and reshaping the 6 upper front teeth with porcelain/zirconia crowns.

The malalignment needed to be improved first to stabilise the new tooth position and prevent further wear and potential gum disease.  There was also a one-visit root canal therapy required.

Our patient is a very happy young woman with a beautiful smile!  Finished just in time for Christmas and the New Year, the patience and compliance with doing the Invisalign treatment first has ensured an optimum result.

Many thanks to Grant Davis and his team at Davis Dental Advanced Prosthetics for the crown work.  An exceptional result!


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