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July Smile of the Month – Dental crowns for a youthful, beautiful smile

This lady, in her 40’s, struggled to smile confidently with her uneven, discoloured teeth. There was a familial large gap (diastema) between her front teeth, which she wanted closed if possible. A more even, whiter and gap free confident smile was on her wish list. The size of the gap made this a particularly difficult smile makeover.

Some laser reshaping of the gum tissue was undertaken between the upper front teeth, to establish an outline for the expected new gum position. 10 porcelain zirconia crowns were placed on the upper 10 front teeth to re-establish the reduced bite, change the shape of the teeth to a more normal proportion and of course, introduce a whiter, brighter smile.
Our patient was very happy with the result and is looking forward to enjoying her dazzling new smile for years to come.


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