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Making Changes to People’s Lives that Make a Difference – October 2016 Smile of the Month

Another smile proudly presented by Simply Beautiful Smiles – making changes to people’s lives that make a difference!

This patient presented in the hope that we could help her. Initially, she has had only the top teeth restored, with the lower teeth being done at a later date.

The case required several implant crowns with the residual teeth requiring crowns.  Because she was used to it, the patient required us to maintain some yellowing for the end result, though less than she had. A Hollywood look was not wanted and for her, the end result was a very natural look.  And we agree.  

There were some difficulties for the lab as there was significant gum loss for some teeth, so gum colouring using selected, custom-made and tinted pink porcelain was required, a very complex mix for an excellent outcome. The difficulty was potentiated as this was also the area of choice for dental implants.  

Dr Wells worked closely with the lab team to attain this outstanding result.


The patient is very happy with the outcome and overjoyed with the care and service we all provided. Upper arch… sorted. Lower arch to come soon. Watch this space.


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