Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hours of Operation Over Christmas

On behalf of Dr Peterson, our Team at Simply Beautiful Smiles, and myself, I would like to wish all of our patients a joyous and safe Christmas and a New Year filled with happy memories.

Most of our patients would say that 2020 has been a particularly difficult year. For myself, it meant a lot of extra work as we worked our way through Covid regulations and trying to maintain a service to our patients, and at the same time, work for our Team. Also, mid-year, Dr Peterson became a full partner in Simply Beautiful Smiles, and together we are now working our way through renovations and a whole new makeover, which we look forward to unveiling in 2021. Some of our patients have had a glimpse into what we are doing, as it is a slow process. We are very excited to showcase this in the new year.

We will be closing over Christmas and New Year for a well-deserved rest. Many of my patients have remarked that I look tired, and I most certainly am. I need a recharge and am looking forward to a renewed sense of vigour to start the year. Likewise, Dr Peterson, who took the dive into practice ownership, plus renovations on top of taking on his Aesthetic Dentistry Masters course is looking forward to recharging, so that he can likewise be the best version of himself to his patients in 2021.

Both Dr Peterson and myself have little if any available time between now and Christmas, so if you have any niggling issues, now is the time to call our office to get those issues sorted. The last thing you want is to have to put up with pain over the Christmas/New Year break.

Hours of Operation Over the Holiday Period

Our practice will remain open for general appointments until Wednesday 23rd December 2020.  We reopen on Monday 11th January. From time to time we will check the answering machine and any emails, but please be advised that we may not be able to assist in a timely manner, and of course we will likely only be able to offer advice, given that we are closed.

Warmest regards


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