Smile of Her Dreams – Gum Lift and Porcelain Veneers with Crown

This wonderful patient, in her 50’s, presented with a smile that she didn’t like. Her main concerns included the “reverse” line of her smile line, crooked and discoloured teeth, as well as a mismatch in tooth proportion.

She has always wished for a “Hollywood” smile and wanted a really white, wider smile.

This was achieved with minor gum lift, using an acoustic laser, to achieve gum re-contouring. Whiter porcelain veneers have been created and a porcelain crown to cover a previously heavily filled, bonded tooth.

Our constantly smiling patient is incredibly excited about her new smile and loves the brilliant result.

Veneering the bottom front teeth and replacing the upper back teeth old crowns with whiter ones are future projects being considered.

We are so happy to help this lovely lady with the smile of her dreams.

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