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“Miss April” 2022

Another “Wow” Cosmetic Smile Makeover!

Our “Miss April” for 2022, is a lovely young lady in her early seventies, who has a voracious appetite for life. After a career spanning several decades in the air, travelling across the globe and taking amazing care of thousands of other people, it was time to do something just for herself!

Worn and chipped teeth, discolourations and gaps, all looked back from the mirror….All the upper teeth, and the lower front teeth were rebuilt with porcelain/zirconia crowns. The bite was restored to function and the worn-down teeth rebuilt to the correct height. Our team is truly thrilled for her and very much enjoy how she loves the view from her new window on life!

Our wonderful patient now has wings of her own now, as she settles in to enjoy a lifetime of smiles. Another beautiful smile makeover by one of our cosmetic dentists, Dr John Wells.


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