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New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome back!  It seems that a lot of our patients have been planning to start their smiles this year.  It is so great to see people making commitments to look after themselves (or spoil themselves as the case may be) and have the work done that they needed (wanted/promised themselves).

We have been saying for years now – “We make changes to people’s lives that make a difference!”  It is so rewarding to see how people’s confidence and self-esteem just sky rockets after having their smiles done.  Whilst the work can be stressful (Dr Wells makes it look a lot easier than it actually is), at the same time it is very rewarding.  Rewarding to, as patients come back again and again, to see that the changes are not just temporary, but life-changing for the better.

We love hearing your stories.  We get lots of letters and cards and we treasure these (we have kept all of them over the years and they now fill a largish box).  When we first get them, we like to leave them out for a while to cheer us and remind us that our work is appreciated, and to encourage new patients that they will be looked after and that others have been where they are now. 

So, if you have a story to tell, please forward it.  We all need encouragement at times and it makes all of us feel great!


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