No Need to Travel to the City – World-class Dentistry here in Penrith

This terrific, outgoing young lady in her 40’s presented with a crooked smile, several gaps in her smile,  worn and discoloured teeth. In addition, the lower teeth were in a “crossed bite” and overlapped the upper teeth. This made the wear even more severe and caused the teeth to move into an abnormal position.

A decision was made to reshape the lower teeth where possible and undertake some teeth whitening.

The upper 6 front teeth were prepared with porcelain/zirconia crowns, to boost the smile and “jump” the bite to a more normal position. The teeth were re-aligned, whitened and the smile broadened for an amazing result and megawatt smile lift.

Our wonderful patient is very happy with this result and beams at every opportunity. :O)

This beautiful porcelain and zirconia smile case was designed, constructed and custom finished by hand at our Australian owned and operated dental prosthetics laboratory, Grant Davis Advanced Prosthetics, right here in Penrith. World Class dentistry, local and Aussie made. Indeed, no need to travel into the city!

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