Reimagined Smile with Porcelain Veneers – Can’t Stop Smiling

A lovely young lady in her 40’s presented with uneven teeth, antibiotic induced “grey” discolouration and gaps between her teeth. She wanted a better, whiter smile and no gaps.

These 6 upper front teeth were re-imagined and restored with porcelain veneers. They were whitened and aligned and the gaps closed.

Note the beautiful gum condition around the porcelain veneers and healthy, pink, healed result.

Some additional take home teeth whitening was done for the bottom front teeth.

Our patient is very happy with her new smile and smiles ever more broadly.

This beautiful porcelain veneer smile case was designed, constructed and custom finished by hand at our Australian owned and operated, Australian Best Practice dental prosthetics laboratory, Grant Davis Advanced Prosthetics, right here in Penrith.  


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