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September 2018 – Smile of the Month – Years Rolled Back

This lovely lady in her early 30’s had severe wear of her front teeth, in fact more than 40% biting edge wear. The wear is caused by excessive night time teeth grinding and clenching. Unfortunately, her teeth appeared much older than she was. The other downside of this destructive bite/grinding pattern is premature wear and aging of the back teeth as well.

To allow room for the smile to be rejuvenated, the fillings on some back teeth were replaced with a white “bonded” filling to make them “taller” in the bite. The remaining un restored teeth were built up by adding a little white filing material to act as a bite “stop” and allow some room for the front teeth to be made longer with porcelain /zirconia crowns.

The result is amazing. A new, whiter smile, with lengthened teeth and a beautiful even smile. These teeth are going to be protected against future wear by provision of a night time protective guard, which is very thin and only covers the biting surfaces of the teeth. Now our lovely patient can be confident with her new smile and in control of prevention of further future tooth wear.


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