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Smile Highlight – Porcelain Crowns and Veneers Smilemakeover

This wonderful, health conscious lady presented with a discoloured smile and asked for some improvement if possible. The teeth were quite dark and the smile was crooked. The teeth leaned upwards on an angle to the right. Initially, several smile options were discussed involving treating the upper 6, 8 or even 10 teeth to lift the smile.

The six upper front teeth were initially rejuvenated with porcelain/zirconia crowns, due to wear and the heavily cracked nature of these teeth. After seeing the front 6 teeth in the “trial smile” temporary phase, our lovely patient elected to add 2 more side teeth to the plan, which were rebuilt with porcelain veneers.

The final treatment was then 8 upper front teeth re-aligned, rejuvenated, whitened and slightly lengthened. The bottom teeth had some teeth whitening undertaken at home with one of our custom fitted tray systems.

This is a beautiful result achieved in just a few visits, and an endless supply of smiles were given to all. Our patient is very happy.

This beautiful porcelain veneer and porcelain crown smile case was designed, constructed and custom finished by hand at our Australian owned and operated Australian Best Practice dental prosthetics laboratory, Grant Davis Advanced Prosthetics, right here in Penrith. The original smile design was digitally enhanced and custom designed for this individual case. Every smile is original and our smile patients have a private consultation with master prosthetist, Grant Davis, to discuss and assess nuances for the smile, to ensure our patients get the smile they will really love.


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