We are Renovating for a Fresh New Look – Please be Patient :)

If you visit our clinic in the coming weeks you may notice some changes!

Dr Wells and Dr Peterson are excited to announce that we are beginning renovations to bring you fresh clinic and patient relaxation spaces for 2021.

We are developing an additional clinic space for Dr Peterson, and preparing for the arrival of exciting new technologies to ensure that Simply Beautiful Smiles is always at the cutting edge of dental excellence.

Key to our ethos at Simply Beautiful Smiles is delivering a patient experience that does not feel like a cold clinical environment. This has been updated regularly throughout the practice’s history and now is the time for a fresh new coat of paint!

Please be patient with us during this time as we juggle the pressures of staying available for our patients and managing a construction site. Rest assured, thorough twice daily dusting and cleaning is being conducted to maintain our high standards of hygiene and comfort.

Please note that in the process of renovating, our telephone lines were severely disrupted.  We apologise for missed messages, which, unfortunately,  we are unable to recover.  We are doing our very best to get the telephone lines and answering service back on line.

looking for the next step?

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