A Beautiful Smile Achieved with Porcelain Veneers

This lovely lady in her early 30’s has a crooked smile line and severe wear on the edges of her front teeth.  Her brief was to align the smile line and make the teeth straighter and whiter.

6 premium porcelain veneers were constructed to rehabilitate the upper front teeth.  A protective night guard was made to prevent the attrition and damage caused by night time teeth grinding. This simple and effective acrylic device will improve the lifespan of the porcelain and reduce the symptoms of jaw/teeth pain associated with clenching and grinding.

There may be additional veneers on the upper side teeth (2 either side) which can be considered as an optional next stage of treatment, to broaden the smile even further. We have a very happy patient who is smiling a lot more and very proud of her new smile.

A beautiful outcome for a beautiful young lady by Dr John Wells

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