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Dental laboratories are not all the same

This is a timely reminder to our patients that we only use a quality Australian laboratory for our smile makeovers.  We do not cut corners and we will not work with a lab that sends our work overseas.  We have seen too many cases where work is substandard and we are constantly having to make good work done elsewhere when people come to us after seeing another practice.

Please always ask your dental provider where his lab gets their work done and get assurances that it will be done by an accredited Australian laboratory, using appropriate TGA standards and ISO regulation sterilisation procedures.  Many Australian dental laboratories are now outsourcing to cheaper Asian or South American laboratories in an effort to cut down expenses.  Unfortunately, good dentistry is not without cost, like anything of quality.

Too many times we see substandard work.  It costs a lot more to remedy than if the patient had come to us first, and it is heartbreaking to see the end result.  There are often health issues (including hepatitis B) associated with the substandard work, as well as the emotional/mental stress to the patient and their loved ones.

Be careful too of mini implants being used where they should not be used.  We are seeing breakages on a regular basis coming from other offices.  Our office does not use mini (or so-called “key-hole” implants).  We only use Bio-Mimetic* implants, which accurately replicate the root shape of a missing tooth and provide for a stronger and much more lifelike outcome.  We will never compromise on quality.

* Note – “Bio-Mimetic” literally translates to “life-like copy”




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