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Pre-Christmas Smile Makeovers

It is already September – the year is going just too fast!

As it is getting closer to the end of the year we thought it might be a good time to remind anyone who is looking to have their smiles completed before Christmas to start thinking about their appointment scheduling now.  Each Christmas we have disappointed patients, though there is nothing we can do.  Unfortunately, our cosmetic dental surgeon, Dr Wells, is the only provider qualified to do this complex work.  During December our appointment book is filled with completing smiles and we do not take on any new patients.  We do not start any work in December to avoid leaving patients in temps over the Christmas break.  Also, the Sydney laboratory we use is likewise trying to complete major work before Christmas and there are limitations on the volume they can put out.

We hate disappointing our patients as we always try to be accommodating.  This is one area where we cannot be accommodating as it is beyond our means for the above reasons.  Please avoid disappointment and organise to have you appointments booked in a soon as possible as we are already well booked into October.  There are limits on how many smiles we can do in a week.

To our existing patients, thank you for your continued support.  To anyone comtemplating visiting our office for the first time, please call at any time.  Leave a message if no one is attending the telephones (we tend not to answer the telephone if we are serving a guest, and no one is free, as we value our patients’ time), but we always return calls in a timely manner.


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