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Natural-looking Smile Makeover – Laser Gum Lift and Porcelain Crowns

This lovely lady in her 60’s had a worn bite, which lead to her chipping the upper and lower front teeth.

Her bite was opening up by adding a bit of white filling material to the biting surface of the upper back teeth, a very conservative approach. A small minimally-invasive, non-painful, laser gum lift was undertaken to the upper 4 front teeth to improve the tooth length and shape of the gums. A lower tooth that was badly damaged, was restored with a porcelain/zirconia crown. The six upper front teeth were similarly restored with 6 porcelain/zirconia crowns.

The teeth were whitened slightly with the porcelain, but not too much, at the patient’s request and by mutual consultation. This choice blended the teeth in nicely with the remaining teeth for a very pleasing result.

A protective anti-grinding night guard was made to protect the teeth from further wear during night time clenching and grinding activity. Night time clenching/grinding (and some-times during the day too) is called “bruxism” and is a common cause of premature tooth wear and joint pain.

Our wonderful patient is constantly smiling broadly now and very happy with her new smile. It is a very satisfying result too for our team too and a pleasure to create a beautiful smile.


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