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Smile Highlight – Invisalign, Tooth Bonding and Porcelain/Zirconia Bridgework

This lovely lady in her early thirties had a complex case which involved misshapen teeth, crooked teeth and an old porcelain/metal bridge that was a poor match for colour/shape.

This smile was treated with a combination of Invisalign clear aligners to correct the tooth position and straighten the teeth. The bridge on the upper right was replaced with a new porcelain/zirconia bridge. Some biting edge chips and teeth irregularities were in-filled with tooth coloured “bonding”.

The deeply impacted lower right tooth was left as it was to decrease the complexity of the orthodontics and reduce overall treatment time.

Overall the treatment time was approximately 18 months. The treatment was conservative and tooth preserving.

Both myself and the patient are very happy to achieve this result. This smile is fuller and exudes confidence.

An excellent bridge was made by our gun team at Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics, here in Penrith.


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